Tickets purchased for DE REACTIE 2020 are now only valid for Onder De Radar Festival on 27 August 2022. Therefore, converting previously purchased tickets to the upcoming DE REACTIE on 27 April 2022 is not possible.
For the early and loyal buyers of DE REACTIE tickets, this gives a clear financial advantage (after all, there is a difference in the ticket price), so we think we have provided an appropriate solution to the annoying corona situation.

So if you want to come to DE REACTIE on Saturday 27 April 2022, you will have to buy a new ticket!

Basic Grooves




While a blissful reunion was taking place in the sun, others stepped into the dark tunnel. It was a day to never forget 💕 Behold how exquisitely everything was photographed by Rachel Ecclestone, Stef van Oosterhout and Mark Ooms.

The full album can be found here.




A perfect day in the sun and a simmering experience in the tunnel. It took place parallel during DE REACTIE, but was compiled in this phenomenal video. Sound on, curtains closed, and back to Wednesday…


Basic Grooves - A dedicated group of music fans.


Basic Grooves is one of the longest running techno organisations in The Netherlands. The infamous club nights have become a corner stone of the techno scene in the east. In recent years, artists like Jeff Mills, Robert Hood, Dave Clarke, DVS1, Avalon Emerson, Charlotte de Witte and Paula Temple found their way to Enschede to headline the events.

Founded in 1996, the club nights were intended as a response to the rising popularity of electronic music events. The club nights quickly became a breeding ground for a generation of new artists and promoters, ranging from Joris Voorn to Brent Roozendaal.

The club nights are followed by a huge rave on Kingsday (27 April) by the name of DE REACTIE. The location for this rave is Langezijds, a former chemistry laboratory on the campus of Universiteit Twente. April 2019 will be the last chance to experience this incredible location, as it is scheduled for renovations.

Last but not least, Basic Grooves is behind the only techno festival this side of the country: Onder De Radar Festival. This house & techno festival takes place at an abandoned military airbase in Enschede. The first edition was a huge success, with positive reviews from Resident Advisor and many of the artists on the line-up. The second edition is set for the 27th of July, and it’s going to be something to look out for.

All in all, the passion for techno is our guide. Techno events by a dedicated group of music fans.




The tide is turning! Slowly but surely more and more positive sounds are doing the rounds, and it’s sounding optimistic through the grapevine. With DE REACTIE (Kingsdag) on our horizon, our hearts are starting to beat faster as well.

But as it often is, we first have to cash in another setback. We won’t be able to get a permit for the Drukpershal, even though this was all sorted for the edition in November. But after over 2 years of cancellations this on top? No way. If we can’t get a characteristic industrial location for our event, then we’ll build one our damn selves!

We’re getting a one time opportunity to build our own location on the beautiful terrain of the Universiteit Twente campus. More info on the new presale and line-up will follow soon! And regarding DE REACTIE in the Drukpershal: stay tuned…