Here we go! This is the timetable for Kingsday 👯‍♀️ International highlights and Enske’s finest assisting us in dancing into the night 🌚

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It’s starting to look really good!

27 April (Kingsday) DE REACTIE returns to the terrain of Universiteit Twente, Enschede. Make sure you RSVP and check out the line-up below!

THE ADVENT (live) (UK)

No ticket yet? The loyalty presale will start on Tuesday at 19:00h, ONLY via whatsapp. These loyalty tickets are 3 euros less, and we have only 500. Make sure you receive our messages by sending „hello“ to 06 – 111 6666 8. Please note: if you have received these messages before, then you won’t need to sign up again.

Still have your ticket from the canceled edition of DE REACTIE last November? Then you’re sorted for this coming edition.




The weather forecasts are amazing, the terrain is looking lovely and the wait is almost over! We’re more than ready. How about you? Just to be sure, have a look at the final important info for Wednesday.

Universiteit Twente, Drienerlolaan 5, Enschede.

We start at 14:00 and continue until midnight. Come early to avoid potential waiting times at the entrance!

\Bring something warm
The weather forecasts are fantastic indeed! However, it can cool off quite a bit in the evening. A nice and warm jumper is definitely recommended.

This event is outdoor, but the main stage is sheltered. The second area is out in the open. Dancing in the sun or forgetting the time in a dark techno structure, the choice is yours!

\Corona restrictions
We’ll give you the short answer: none!

\Sun block
This is allowed on to the terrain, but no spray bottles and only new bottles that are still sealed.

Yes, there is a food court! Tacos, pasta, wraps, but also hamburgers and fries.

Find it here.

\Age restrictions
The minimum age for this event is 18. Make sure you bring valid ID as it can be asked for at the event.

There are lockers on the terrain. The size is 30cm wide, 40cm deep and 24cm high. You can get your locker for €10,-.

Smoking is not allowed under any sheltered space. This means you can only smoke in open spaces. Cigarettes are not sold during DE REACTIE.

\In & out
After leaving the terrain it is not possible to come back inside.

\Card payment
We accept them.

There are still tickets available, but be quick.

\Personalize tickets
Don’t forget to personalize your tickets via Paylogic. You can still change the name on your ticket via the order page. You can access this page via your order comfirmation email.

\Selling tickets
You can on Ticketswap. Using SecureSwap, sold tickets are exchanged for a new ticket that reflects the name of the new owner. The old ticket is then made invalid.

\Lost a ticket
You can request Paylogic to send all your known orders here here. Still having trouble? You can always contact Paylogic Customer Service via e-mail or phone.

\Bicycles and (share)scooters
Er is een onbewaakte fietsenstalling to place your bicycle or (share)scooter.

Parking is free on the FC Twente’s/Grolsch Veste’s parking lot. Address: Colosseum 65, Enschede. Follow the signs.

DE REACTIE takes place at a 10 min walk from Enschede Kennispark station. Keep in mind that the train schedule is different on Kingsday. Plan your trip prior to the event via NS. Make sure you double check that you can make it home on time.

Make sure the driver followes the „Taxi“ signs towards the taxi stop, which is located on walking distance from the terrain. When leaving the event, taxi’s will be ready at the designated taxi stop.

\Kiss and ride
This is clearly indicated with signs and easily accessible for both visitors and drivers.

\Lost something?
During and after the event, we collect all found items at security at the main entrance. Items like passports, ID cards and driver’s licenses will be handed over at the town hall. Other items like phones and keys will be submitted on the website „Verloren of gevonden“ as soon as possible.

\Other questions
Have a look at our FAQ. Still didn’t find what you’re looking for? Send an email to: info@basicgrooves.nl.




While a blissful reunion was taking place in the sun, others stepped into the dark tunnel. It was a day to never forget 💕 Behold how exquisitely everything was photographed by Rachel Ecclestone, Stef van Oosterhout and Mark Ooms.

The full album can be found here.




A perfect day in the sun and a simmering experience in the tunnel. It took place parallel during DE REACTIE, but was compiled in this phenomenal video. Sound on, curtains closed, and back to Wednesday…


Basic Grooves - Eine engagierte Gruppe von Musikfans.


Basic Grooves ist eine der führenden Techno-Organisationen in den Niederlanden. Die berüchtigten Clubnächte sind zu einem Eckpfeiler der Techno-Szene im Osten geworden. In den letzten Jahren haben Künstler wie Jeff Mills, Robert Hood, Dave Clarke, DVS1, Avalon Emerson, Charlotte de Witte und Paula Temple den Weg nach Enschede gefunden.

Basic Grooves wurde 1996 gegründet, als Reaktion auf die wachsende Popularität der elektronischen Musik. Die Clubnächte wurden bald zu einem Brutplatz für eine ganz neue Generation von Künstlern und Organisatoren, von Joris Voorn bis Brent Roozendaal.

Nach den Clubnächten folgt am Ende der Saison ein riesiger Rave am King’s Day (27. April), genannt DE REACTION. Der Ort dieses Raves ist Langezijds, ein ehemaliges Chemielabor auf dem Campus der Universität Twente. Im April 2019 wird es die letzte Gelegenheit geben, diese brillante Location angesichts der geplanten Renovierungen zu erleben.

Schließlich steht Basic Grooves auch hinter dem einzigen Techno-Festival in dieser Ecke des Landes: Under The Radar Festival. Dieses House & Techno Festival findet auf einem verlassenen Militärflugplatz in Enschede statt. Die erste Ausgabe war ein großer Erfolg, mit positiven Reaktionen des Resident Advisor und vieler Künstler aus dem Line-Up. Die zweite Ausgabe ist für den 27. Juli geplant, und das wird etwas sein, worauf man sich freuen kann.

Letztendlich ist unsere Leidenschaft für Techno unsere Motivation. Techno-Events durch eine spezielle Gruppe von Musikfans.




Things are moving and it shows! It’s no surprise really, now that the government is opening our industry as well, without any restrictions.

The regular presale for DE REACTIE 2022 starts at 16:00h today. 👏  The prospects are good with an artist like Dax J: a headliner of note that hasn’t played our side of the country before. Or VTSS, who managed to steal our hearts in one night with her incredible set in the Muziekcentrum last fall.

Click here to go to the ticket shop (opens at 16:00h on 18/02)



Location reveal, anyone? This is where it’s happening the 27th. And as you can see we’re going all out this year. Kingsday, Universiteit Twente, Enschede. We bring the music and drinks, you bring your dance crew. Deal?

Get your ticket today!




The tide is turning! Slowly but surely more and more positive sounds are doing the rounds, and it’s sounding optimistic through the grapevine. With DE REACTIE (Kingsdag) on our horizon, our hearts are starting to beat faster as well.

But as it often is, we first have to cash in another setback. We won’t be able to get a permit for the Drukpershal, even though this was all sorted for the edition in November. But after over 2 years of cancellations this on top? No way. If we can’t get a characteristic industrial location for our event, then we’ll build one our damn selves!

We’re getting a one time opportunity to build our own location on the beautiful terrain of the Universiteit Twente campus. More info on the new presale and line-up will follow soon! And regarding DE REACTIE in the Drukpershal: stay tuned…




Not to be missed: accessibility for DE REACTIE! Our location on Universiteit Twente can be found easily in several ways. If you’re having trouble finding your way with 9292, here’s a few options to consider:

🚲 +/- 15 minutes from Enschede station
🚆 +/- 15 minute walk from Enschede Kennispark station
🚌 +/- 5 minute walk from Kennispark/UT bus stop
🚗  free parking at Grolsch Veste

Make sure you have a good look at the last option to come home in case you choose public transport. Of course there is plenty of space for all your bicycles and share scooters!




Yet another surprise! A second stage in intimate setting is a longstanding tradition for DE REACTIE. This year however, you’ll find this stage on the grass between the trees. 27 April (Kingsday) together with Enschede’s finest:

Joep & Remma
Naru Kami


Sehen Sie hier die Rekapitulation!


Es ist unmöglich, in weniger als zwei Minuten das Gefühl von DE REACTIE vom vergangenen Samstag zu vermitteln. Aber noch näher werden wir dich dem nicht bringen können. Respekt an den Videofilmer Tom Knol.



08/06 Basic Grooves | Freshtival Weekend 2019

27/07 Onder De Radar Festival 2019

27/04 DE REACTIE 2020 by Basic Grooves


fotos DE REACTIE 2019 online!


Sieh dir zwei Fotoserien der DE REACTIE 2019 an!


Album 1 // Bildnachweis @ Mark Ooms

Album 2 // Bildnachweis @ TK Photography


Wir sehen uns nächstes Jahr bei DE REACTIE 2020.





Here we go! This is the timetable for Kingsday 👯‍♀️ International highlights and Enske’s finest assisting us in dancing into the night 🌚

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De Reactie 2022 timetable 1080x1920